More readers like you

More readers like you are talking about GIVEN NOT TAKEN and writing great reviews!

I met with one of Jacksonville’s best book clubs, U.S. G.I.R.L.S., and shared advanced, review copies with a few lucky members. The ladies and I had a little heated but fun discussion about Ava and Calvin.

“We had numerous questions regarding his synopsis and decision to pen this novel. We asked ‘the tough questions’ (with regards to his story line surrounding an interracial love triangle), which let him know we take our literature seriously!” the host said.

Man, did we have fun! Here’s what they wrote on after reading Given Not Taken:

★★★★-stars! By Love to read: “The book kept me wanting to read and see what was coming next…Looking forward to another book from Mr. Thomas.”

★★★ – stars! By J. Blue: “The book moves at a pace that is captivating!..This book has romance, interracial relationships, social-economic class struggles, crime, grief resolution and much more! It was amazing to see all of these elements inter-woven and flow into one novel.”

What a surprise! Thank you, Ladies. Don’t forget to share your reviews, too!